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What is the hot eyewear brand “VERONIKA WILDGRUBER EYEWEAR”?

What is the hot eyewear brand “VERONIKA WILDGRUBER EYEWEAR”?

German eyewear brand “VERONIKA WILDGRUBER” makes its first appearance in Japan
In this issue, we’ll take a look behind the scenes at the birth of VERONIKA WILDGRUBER EYEWEAR, a young eyewear brand that is attracting attention for the striking new designs created by VERONIKA.

ーWho is the talented designer “VERONIKA WILDGRUBER”?

After graduating from the Department of Industrial Design at the University of Bolzano, Italy, VERONIKA WILDGRUBER began her career in Paris, where she spent four years honing her skills in the creation of objects and furniture.
 She spent four years honing her skills in creating objects and furniture. Her design skills have been refined to the point where she is now working for the French luxury brand HERMES.
 She has also collaborated with international housewares and furniture manufacturers, and is a talented designer who is active not only in the field of eyeglasses but also in many other fields.


Ms. VERONIKA presented her work in 2010 with four handmade frames in collaboration with French lunetier Jacques Durand.
 When the glasses were presented for the first time at Silmo d’Or, which is said to be the Oscars of the eyewear world, they immediately won the Special Jury Prize and made a name for themselves.
 Encouraged by this response, the first series was born in 2012. In 2017, she won the Best Design Award in the Silmo d’Or sunglasses category, and to this day, her designs continue to be expressed through her eyeglasses.


VERONIKA WILDGRUBER shows a solid sense for consistency and unity of form, while keeping abreast of trends.
 However, countless studies have gone into the creation of her striking designs.
Twisted frames and boldly inserted crossbars in contrasting materials are now the signature style of VERONIKA WILDGRUBER.
 These striking designs are the result of her experimental spirit, and will be constantly updated in the future.
 As they are updated, each season they are transformed into new materials and shapes of the moment to create something new.

ーQuality and Sustainability
Behind the scenes, VERONIKA WILDGRUBER meticulously documents and controls the manufacturing process down to the tiniest component.
 She carefully selects only the best materials and procures acetate from a family-run factory in Veneto, Italy, showing her commitment not only to design but also to materials.
 And because sustainability is an important issue for a young brand, they produce eyeglass cases made of 100% recycled leather and eyeglass cloths made of recycled plastic.

VERONIKA WILDGRUBER’s unique “intersection”, “cutting”, “line”, “overlap”, “thickness”, “matte and glossy”, “gradation”, and “unexpected outline”, all of which are created from her geometric research, are designs that give a strong sense of originality.
 We hope you will enjoy the attractive glasses of VERONIKA WILDGRUBER EYEWEAR from the following page.