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VAVA Eyewear, the eyewear brand that has the world’s attention

VAVA Eyewear, the eyewear brand that has the world’s attention

VAVA Eyewear is a German eyewear brand that has won numerous awards at exhibitions around the world, and it is no exaggeration to say that it is currently the most popular brand in the world.
Let’s take a look at the background of VAVA Eyewear and the innovative designs it continues to produce.
ーAbout Pedro Silva, the designer behind VAVA Eyewear
VAVA Eyewear is a brand from Berlin, Germany, and the designer is Pedro Silva from Portugal, who graduated as a textile engineer in 2000 and has been working in the fashion and retail industry since then, honing his fashion and design skills.
 Then, in 2013, he moved from Milan to Berlin. In 2013, he moved from Milan to Berlin, where he decided to start his own eyewear brand and collaborated with GiordanoCazzola and BeateLeinz (former Prada eyewear designer) to launch VAVA Eyewear.

ーWhy Berlin, Germany?
 The inspiration for VAVA comes from the industrial cities of the post-industrial revolution and the genre of music that emerged there, called Detroit Techno.
 The city of Berlin is part of this industrial revolution, symbolizing cultural and economic domination, as well as the collapse and rebirth of society. It also has a strong connection to techno, and Berlin is a “deindustrialized city” where a new art scene is born.
 Berlin was the perfect place for the birth of “VAVA Eyewear,” which rethinks the future of techno.

ーInnovative design that fascinates the world
 VAVA Eyewear is influenced by Bauhaus and Minimalism, and uses basic simple shapes such as squares, rectangles, circles, and triangles as its foundation. The eyeglasses are also inspired by architecture, as they consider the face as a building, and are characterized by three-dimensional design.
 And the brand spirit is incorporated not only in the front but also in the cube-shaped hinge. The cube-shaped hinge is heavily influenced by the structure of Sol LeWitt, which is derived from a cube. The cube part is quite calculated, with a cylinder rotating inside. The material used is ultra-light aerospace aluminum, an original hinge developed by VAVA Eyewear through numerous experiments with suppliers.

ーThe secret of VAVA to produce high quality glasses
 VAVA Eyewear’s high-quality eyeglasses are not mass-produced in a large-scale factory, but are handmade one by one in a small, family-run factory in the Treviso region of northern Italy.
The company is also particular about its fabrics, using the Italian brand “Mazzuchelli,” which is said to be the world’s best acetate fabric.
 Other collections use the “Eco Friendly” line and M49, a kind of recyclable acetate made from cotton and wood pulp fibers.
 The metal frames are all made of aluminum. The metal frames are all made of aluminum, a very light material that is renewable, corrosion resistant, and has excellent physical and mechanical properties.

 VAVA” continues to appeal to the spirit of the brand even through its materials. Their strong brand spirit and innovative designs can only be described as superb.
 Please enjoy the innovative eyeglasses of “VAVA Eyewear” from here.
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