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“NINA MÛR” ーThe innovative wooden eyeglasses brandー

“NINA MÛR” ーThe innovative wooden eyeglasses brandー

ーHow “NINA MÛR” was born

 NINA MÛR was born with the aim of creating eyeglasses that are not mass-produced and can flexibly respond to clients’ needs, without being bound by the common sense of the eyeglasses industry.
 They wanted to make further sustainable eyeglasses with reasonable price as much as possible, not to mention high design quality.
 It is a soulful brand that conveys the true story of “manufacturing” through wooden glasses.

ーThe Two Creators of “NINA MÛR”

 NINA MÛR was created in 2018 in Madrid, Spain by LORENA SERRANO (pictured left) and DAVIDE FICHERA (pictured right).
 LORENA has a master’s degree in design and is a talented designer with a background in creative advertising and design, mainly in the music and fashion industries. She has worked for innovative and sustainable companies such as Nike Better World and ECOALF, where she met Davide.
 Davide grew up surrounded by the wood and interior design industry, including his grandfather who owned a furniture store and his father who is an architect.
 After studying architecture in Florence, he worked for the fashion brand ECOALF, where he was in charge of brand identity development and design.
 A short time later, she used her know-how to set up her own agency with her brother, with offices in Madrid, Italy and Belgium.
 He is currently in charge of production, sales and business at NINA MÛR.

ーThe reliable quality of “NINA MÛR”

 The high quality wooden glasses produced by NINA MÛR are handmade one by one in a small factory in Madrid, Spain.
 The material used is Finnish birch wood, which is also used for aircraft, from which they make their own thin, flexible, and resistant plywood.
 The plywood is then curved and molded from the beginning to create the natural curve of the front part of the eyeglasses and to achieve strong durability.
 Then, after pressing for more than 20 hours, the wooden glasses are cut using the company’s own cutting software to create a unique three-dimensional effect.

 In addition, the same epoxy resin used in marine plywood is implemented into the material for further durability.
 This epoxy resin is the basis for superior marine plywood, and it can withstand water, extreme temperatures, and rot.
 The use of epoxy resin, which is viscous, durable, and lightweight at the same time, allowed the creation of the NINA MÛR wooden glasses, which are light and strong.
NINA” of “NINA MÛR” means “gentle” and “MÛR” means “mature” in French.
 We hope you will enjoy the glasses of “NINA MÛR”, which has the unique softness and warmth of wood, but you can also feel the reliable quality and passionate spirit for manufacturing behind it.
               「NINA MÛR」