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“OPHY” ー The brand of glasses with a unique and beautiful three-dimensional design.

“OPHY” ー The brand of glasses with a unique and beautiful three-dimensional design.

ー Birth of “OPHY”

“OPHY” was born from two designers who share a common interest in “Eyewear” and “Modern contemporary design”.
Inspired by architectural forms, OPHY expresses “architectural structures” with a unique interpretation of futurism and modern art.
The unique three-dimensionality produced by a multifaceted cutting method that takes advantage of the thickness of the fabric is also a distinctive feature of the brand.
The design spirit is projected not only in the glasses, but also in the case, graphics, and other details.

ーReliable quality

The eyeglass frames are made of deep gloss acetate fabric.
Each frame is individually handmade by skilled Italian craftsmen.
OPHY’s various unique cutouts are achieved through reliable quality and the traditional methods of its craftsmen.

ーInfluence of modern architect “Mr. Frank Lloyd Wright”

The ORGANIC ARCHITHCTURE series was influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright, one of the three great masters of modern architecture.
Wright is an American architect and one of the three great masters of modern architecture, along with Le Corbusier and Mies van der Rohe.
He was a tireless pursuer of the ideal of “organic architecture,” or architecture that contributes to the enrichment of humanity through a “fusion of nature and architecture,” and left behind 1,191 works during his lifetime.
OPHY is a pair of glasses that incorporate the “organic architecture” that he advocated throughout his life.
「ETNA」 beautifully expresses the unique gentle and strong atmosphere reminiscent of the Etna volcano standing in Italy.

At first glance, the thick frames of the “OPHY” collection seem massive and powerful, but they also express a unique beauty that is somehow delicate.
OPHY” expresses “fusion with nature” through architecture as “organic glasses” in the modern age.
We hope you will enjoy these fascinating glasses.