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“Jean Philippe Joly”ーThe talented designer from “PASSION”ー

“Jean Philippe Joly”ーThe talented designer from “PASSION”ー

ー”Jean Philippe Joly”, the passionate and talented designer

Jean Philippe Joly is the founder and designer of the brand.
He has been working in the eyeglasses industry since 1999 in his hometown of Paris, and has been developing his skills as a designer in the eyeglasses industry for many years.
With a passion for creating something unique and individual, in 2011 Mr. Joly decided to launch a collection that combines outstanding quality and comfort with a design that sets it apart from the rest, all in one collection.
After 3 years of work, he finally launched his first solo collection under his own name, Jean Philippe Joly, in the fall of 2014.
In 2021, he was nominated for the Silmo d’Or, the Academy Awards of the eyewear industry.
He is now one of the world’s most sought-after designers.

ーDistinctive design and quality

Jean Philippe Joly” is characterized by its eye-catching combination of thick fabrics and coloring. Mr. Joly has been working on all aspects of the design, from drafting the design to creating the prototypes, using his own experience.
The fabrics are carefully selected from Mazzucchelli’s high quality acetate fabrics. All the fabrics are handmade in Italy at a factory where highly skilled craftsmen gather.
The fine cutting and matting of the temples and front part of the glasses, and the beautiful fabrics used to attach them together, which are unique to “Jean Philippe Joly,” are so beautifully crafted that one can feel the passion of not only Mr. Joly but also the Italian craftsmen.

This is the end of this issue, although it is a little short.
The next issue will be an interview with Joly, the founder of the brand.
We would like to share with you his passionate and enthusiastic “PASSION” in his own words, including the background of actual eyeglass production and behind-the-scenes of design, which has not yet been described anywhere.
Please look forward to the next installment.

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        “Jean Philippe Joly”