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Beautiful in every color…Stunning round glasses【Jean Philippe Joly 「Professeur」】

Beautiful in every color…Stunning round glasses【Jean Philippe Joly 「Professeur」】

Jean Philippe Joly created the unique round glasses “Professeur”.
The word “Professeur” = “professor,” and these thick round glasses show the solidity of a professor.
Not only the solidity, but also the passion and individuality of the image of a “professor” dedicated to research are expressed through the unique coloring and cutting.

On the temples, there is an illustration of a beaker that evokes the image of a “professor. Every detail shows Jean Philippe Joly’s playful spirit.
The keyhole on the bridge and the not-too-large lens size give the design a balance that is not too pop-like.
The unique coloring of each model has a strong presence, and each color creates a completely different look.

The red model has a subdued, slightly vermilion coloring.
At first glance, the combination of red and gray seems to pop, but when you put it on, it somehow doesn’t pop too much…

But of course, the coloring has a strong presence and character.
Cellular red glasses tend to give a strong pop impression, but the contrast with the not-too-bright gray gives them a robust look that is very interesting. We would definitely like to enjoy them with casual wear.

The gray model differs from the other colors in that the front portion is a single gray color rather than two-tone. The gray model is the most comfortable color in the Professeur lineup, and is easy to use in everyday life.

However, upon closer inspection, the top and bottom are cut in a step-like pattern that expresses depth.
In addition, the difference in material texture, such as glossy on the upper front and matte on the lower front, is reproduced by a unique handmade technique.
The design that expresses depth with detailed techniques even in a single color is a model that is truly filled with Jean Philippe Joly’s character.

Next is the eye-catching blue model.
It is rare to see such a lush, thick fabric, and the coloring with Havana is absolutely beautiful. If you look closely, you can see that the Havana fabric has a bit of green mixed in, giving it a unique elegance.

The color is supposed to be unique, but when you put it on, you can feel a calm classicism.
The front part of course, but the color contrast when viewed from the side is uniquely beautiful, and the balance between individuality and classicism makes this model irresistible.

Finally, here is another bright green model that we have not seen very often.
This green model was nominated for the “Silmo’dor,” the “Academy Awards of eyewear” held every year in France, for the year 2021.

The light green color, which evokes a “retro pop” feeling, has an appealing “specialness” that is somehow nostalgic, but also novel and new.
The color shade of pale green and deep green, as well as the use of clear fabric for the darker green, expresses a depth that is different from other colors.
It is a mysterious model that gives a more three-dimensional impression when worn.

Professeur” has the same design, but the expression differs greatly depending on the color.
The glasses, filled with various design elements such as fabric texture, color combination, and cutting technique, are a pair of glasses that expresses the passion of the designer.

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