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Veronika Wildgruber

AUDREY (Asian Fit)

¥74,800 (incl. tax)


The brand “Veronika Wildgruber” landed in Japan for the first time. Ms. Veronika Wildgruber has also been in charge of designing for the luxury brand “HERMES” and has been nominated many times in the eyewear festival “SILMOD’OR”.She has created many sophisticated three-dimensional and beautiful designs with her own exquisite overlapping of fabrics and use of lines.

Eyeglasses featuring a large, tall Boston-shaped lens.
It is a model that makes you feel feminine like Cat’s Eye by the design of the outer corner of the eye that seems to jump up a little.
In addition, the outer corners of the eyes are subtly cut so that you can hang them elegantly while expressing the depth.

  1. 51mm
  2. 17mm
  3. 44mm
  4. 140mm
  5. 145mm