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Vue dc is a French brand which was launched by the craftsman and the directer who were engaged in an establishment of Alain Mikli. They had much profound knowledge of pop arts, rocks, bauhaus, and art deco. Those inspirations enable their eyeglasses to be endowed with high artistic quality while respecting the tradition. Therefore, Vue dc transcend the time and trend, and has been highly appreciated all over the world. It’s purely hand-made in france, also very exceptional brand.

The initial model of Vue dc, which can be said to be an art beyond design.
Fished lens shapes can give a lifted appearance and tighten the look.
The black line placed on the browline has a slightly different line at the corner of the eye, making the eyes more impressive.
It is also a very rare frame in the Vue dc archives.

  1. 57mm
  2. 21mm
  3. 40mm
  4. 154mm
  5. 145mm