OPHY Eyewear


¥50,600 (incl. tax)


OPHY Eyewear was born in Italy in 2018. It was created by two designers who are interested in eyewear and modern contemporary. It is characterized by the beauty of its unique and bold cutting method, which makes use of thick fabrics to accentuate the beauty of its shapes.

Polygonal model glasses with a strong presence in thick fabric.
It’s a pop and playful shape, but the Boston-style lens shape doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable.
You can hang it neatly.
The exquisitely colored clear acetate fabric has a unique cutting.
These glasses are very attractive because they have a three-dimensional effect that allows you to see different facial expressions depending on the angle.

  1. 48mm
  2. 21mm
  3. 41mm
  4. 134mm
  5. 145mm