Jean Philippe Joly


¥60,500 (incl. tax)


Jean Philippe Joly was established in France in 2014. It features a thick and profound design which gives life to beautiful materials. Those commitment to materials, handmade products and bold design indicates Jean Philippe Joly’s enthusiasm for eyeglasses.

It has excellent cutting technology, and the front and temples are intentionally edgy. In particular, Tomomoto at both ends of the front has a step with a sharp edge as a built-in backed by excellent technology, which is one of the factors that creates a three-dimensional effect of the frame.
You can feel the sense from the color selection of the front and temples, and it is a playful color scheme.
Recommended for those who are looking for high-quality eyeglasses that have a moderate personality and are easy to wear.

  1. 41mm
  2. 24mm
  3. 38mm
  4. 134mm
  5. 143mm