Jean Philippe Joly


¥67,100 (incl. tax)


Jean Philippe Joly was established in France in 2014. It features a thick and profound design which gives life to beautiful materials. Those commitment to materials, handmade products and bold design indicates Jean Philippe Joly’s enthusiasm for eyeglasses.

A round frame with a very thick and impressive design. Although it looks like round glasses, it has a slightly horizontal impression like an oval and is very easy to use.
The biggest feature is the front coloring, which is a two-tone color with another color layered on the upper part of the front.
Although it looks strange, it is surprisingly familiar when worn, and it is a pair of glasses that you can enjoy while giving out a unique personality.
It is one that can be used casually while retaining the classic essence.

  1. 41mm
  2. 27mm
  3. 36mm
  4. 137mm
  5. 145mm