Jean Philippe Joly


¥67,100 (incl. tax)

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Jean Philippe Joly was established in France in 2014. It features a thick and profound design which gives life to beautiful materials. Those commitment to materials, handmade products and bold design indicates Jean Philippe Joly’s enthusiasm for eyeglasses.

Eyeglasses with different designs for the inner and outer diameters of the frame. The outer diameter looks like a horizontally long octagon. The upper part of the front is chamfered to create a three-dimensional effect due to the depth. As the model name suggests, it looks like a “sculpture”.
The shallow top and bottom make it look stiff, but the unique design creates a kind of creativity that goes beyond stiffness.
By adding it to traditional clothes such as suits, you can transform yourself like a designer or director, and it is a very interesting pair of glasses recommended for those who want to make a big difference in their impressions.

  1. 46mm
  2. 22mm
  3. 31mm
  4. 135mm
  5. 143mm