Jean Philippe Joly


¥60,500 (incl. tax)


Jean Philippe Joly was established in France in 2014. It features a thick and profound design which gives life to beautiful materials. Those commitment to materials, handmade products and bold design indicates Jean Philippe Joly’s enthusiasm for eyeglasses.

A slightly unusual oval type. Originally, it is easy to suit various people, and the design that is easy to use is thickened and changed to a slightly unique shape to give it individuality. Although it has a little impact, it is a versatile frame that is well-balanced with individuality and is easy to use even with glasses or colored lenses. The delicate design of the temple and the texture of the fabric are delicately crafted.

  1. 45mm
  2. 21mm
  3. 28mm
  4. 136mm
  5. 144 mm