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VAVA eyewear


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VAVA Eyewear is a brand from Germany that debuted in 2013. Inspired by the industrial cities of the post-industrial revolution, the music called Detroit techno, and artistic ideas such as futurism and minimalism, the brand is characterized by simple yet bold and futuristic designs. The brand has been nominated many times at the “silmod’or” eyewear festival, and is attracting attention from around the world.

Uniquely shaped crown round glasses.
Although it is a large size, the fine acetate fabric and the cutting at the corner of the eyes make it possible to create a very large size.
It can be hung with a clean and mode impression.
The black hinge part is made of aluminum, which contrasts coolly with the acetate fabric in this model.

  1. 52mm
  2. 22mm
  3. 48mm
  4. 140mm
  5. 140mm