Shipping and delivery methods

Shipping cost
Within Japan / Free shipping nationwide
Outside Japan / Flat rate of 3,000 yen
Delivery method
We will ship by Sagawa Express’s courier service “Hikyaku courier”.
In-stock items will be shipped within 1-2 business days after payment is confirmed.

Overseas shipping

Shipping method : International flights (outside Japan)
International shipping will be shipped by Japan Post International e-Packet (or EMS).
Depending on the country, delivery may not be possible in some areas.
Countries that can be shipped
Depending on the country / region, the handling area may be restricted.
Please check the details from the following site. (Japan Post HP :
Payment method
Credit card payment only
The following Credit card can be used
Please move to the credit card payment procedure screen from the order screen and make the payment.
After confirming the completion of your payment, we will ship the item.
About tariffs
If additional customs duty is applied, it will be borne by the recipient. Please pay this directly to the shipping company or customs. Please contact the customs office of the delivery destination for details, as the regulations differ depending on the country of delivery.
If you wish to deliver to outside Japan, please check the import prohibited / regulated items in the destination country before ordering. Due to the regulations of the destination country, the fee cannot be refunded even if you do not receive it.
Returns and exchanges
We do not accept returns, refunds or exchanges.
In addition, even if you do not receive it due to the regulations of the destination country, the fee will not be refunded.
About damage when the product arrives
If a part of the contents is lost or delivered in a damaged state, it is necessary to save the mail as it is and request the investigation from the recipient to the local post office. I have. If it is determined that the damages are appropriate based on the results of the investigation, the damages procedure will be carried out.
Please be sure to check the other items on this page before purchasing.

Payment method

Credit card
The following Credit card can be used
amazon Pay
Customers with an Amazon account can shop using the shipping address information and credit card information registered with Amazon. Click the “Pay with Amazon account” button in the cart to use.
※ Amazon gift cards cannot be used.
Bank transfer (Only in Japan)
After confirming payment, we will proceed with shipping preparations and ship.
・ We will inform you of the transfer account information by e-mail after ordering.
・ The transfer destination bank will be “Mitsubishi UFJ Bank Sannomiya Branch Ordinary Account” and the transfer destination “カシメ カブシキガイシャ”.
・ We cannot accept transfers from outside Japan. Please note.
・ Please transfer within 3 days from the time of ordering.
・ Please note that if you do not make a payment within 3 days (including bank holidays), it will be treated as a cancellation.
・ The transfer fee will be borne by the customer. Please confirm the transfer destination before making the transfer.
・ Payment after 14:00 may be handled the next day. In addition, payment cannot be confirmed on weekends and holidays, so please be careful about payment on the last day.
・ As soon as payment is confirmed, we will proceed with shipping preparations.